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English calling against the al-quds-day in berlin

Fight religion and antisemitism!
Calling against the al-quds-day in berlin!

What is the al-quds-day?

The al-quds-day is an official holiday in Iran. But also in Germany, supporters of the Iranian government and other so-called “friends of palestine” celebrate the day and express their antisemitism in public. Violence and insults against people that are marked as “zionist” or “under zionist influence” characterized the rallies so far. The slogans reached from “Israel – Kindermörder” (Israel murders children), which reproduces the old antisemitic picture of child-slaughtering Jews, to “Intifada bis zum Sieg” (Intifada till victory), which claims solidarity with the antisemitic movement in the near east.

What’s hate got to do with us…

We could ask ourselves what that’s got to do with us. The antisemitic events on the al-quds-day are not happening coincidentally. They are an expression of a world view that wants to spread prejudices and delusional hate against Jews by using religious arguments. And it’s a fact that the people holding that view take “practical measures” to support their cause: From april till june 2010 alone, the German government counted 288 antisemitic crimes. In one year that would be about thousand.

Religion sucks – then, now and forever!

While there are a lot of different antisemitic ideologies, the al-quds-day is an Islamic event, to be precise a Shiitic one. Islam offers his followers, like many religions, a promise of paradise after death: an exit out of the ubiquitous misery that this world has to offer. In this concept, salvation can be found in martyrdom. That itself may be crazy, but not dangerous for others. That changes when the concept of martyrdom is combined with an idea of holy war to convert the unbelievers to the “true religion” or annihilate them. The murderous results of such an ideology can be seen in the pictures of suicide attacks all around the globe.
A lot of people face a sinister future wherever this ideology is asserted: women, that are forced into burqas and headscarves, gays, lesbians and transgenders that are persecuted and killed, jews, communists, anarchists, and so on and so forth.

We won’t hold back!

Here in Germany, we can observe the results of the Islamic ideology as well (but of course in a weaker form): girls which are forced into marriages, Islamic males using antisemitic violence, or transgenders that even have to defend themselves against violence in the “more tolerant” parts of town. It would of course be a mistake to blame Islam exclusively for these problems. German society has its own traditional forms of antisemitism, homo- or transphobia and is still mostly structured patriarchal. But Islamic religion is obviously means to spread resentments and justify oppression. This is something we have to stand up against: we want to choose how to live our lifes ourselves, not being forced to live after the rules of some archaic idiots, telling us what “good” life is.

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